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Travel motor

Drive motors belts, including the final drive We supplied by the identification numbers of manufacturers, But that does not mean that it will be delivered to end transmission with hydraulic motor from the exact same manufacturer because we are trying to offer Always best quality, but reasonable price. We offer OEM quality including manufacturers Bonfiglioli, Brevini, Eaton, Loss PUK, Nachi, Nabtesco, Sumitomo, Teijin, Tong Myung, WHO … for more than 700 models minibagrů a excavators from 0.8 t to 40 do.

Final drives a hydraulic motor for travel belt machines Kubota:

KX31, KX41, KX41-2, KX41-2V, KX41-3, KX61, KX71, KX71-3, KX91-3, KX101, K040, KX151, K022, KX61-2, KX61-3, KX71-3, KX91-2, K035, U35, KX91-3SS, KX101-3, KX121, KX121-3, KX121-3SS, K045, KX161-2, KX161-3, KX080-3, KX71-2, KX91-3, U35-3, KX101-3, KX36-2, KX36-3, KH022, KX040, K025, KX61-3, KX41-3, KX021, U45, KH101, U25-3, U10-3, U15, U15-2, U15-3, U17-3, U20, U20-3, U30-3, U35-3, U45-3, U50-3, KX251, KX033, KX038, KX026, KH91-2, K008-3,

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