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new engines

Mitsubishi S4K, S3L, S3L2,S4L, S4L2, S4Q, S4Q2, K3M, K4E, K4M, K4N, L2A, L2C, L2V2, L2E, L3A, L3C, L3E, L3E2, S12A, S12A2, S6A3, S6B, S6B3, S12H, S12R, S16R, S6R, S6R2, S4S, S6S, S12U, S16U, S6U, S6U2, S8U,4G52, 4DQ5, 4G63 and many other models

New Mitsubishi combustion engines, L2E-63SPH, L3E-61SDH + 63SPH, S3L2-Z363SPH, S3Q2/T-Y261DP+Y2T61DP, S4L-65DM, S4L2-65DM + Z363SPH, S4S-Z261FF, S6S-DT65SG, 6D16T, 6D24, S6R2-MPTK , all spare parts for industrial engines, starters and alternators

Psome, head engine blocks, valves, Cam crankshaft, gasket sets, injection pumps, water pump, scarf-bearing engine, starters, filters, Alternators, injections, parts for engines LPG, mixer, vaporizer, glow plugs and everything else.